3 Key Tips For Getting Hired Over The Age Of Forty

  By Melanie Korn

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Looking for a job is hard right out of college, young and fresh, but looking for a job over the age of 40 can be an even harder challenge in many situations. It can certainly be done, and great men and women over the age of 40 are continually hired!

Embrace Your Maturity

First, you have matured and are seasoned in life whether having been in or out of the workforce– unless you have been a stay at home mom or unemployed your entire adult life, you have mastered getting up, arriving at work on time and completing responsibilities in the workplace. That is a valuable asset as a potential employee so let it shine through. You know how to take care of responsibilities and have for years worked hard and been successful in your career. It’s time to showcase that when looking for a new job and over the age of 40!

But watch yourself- it’s easy to boast about your previous years of experience and expertise. Too much of that attitude can be a turnoff to an employer as well.

Step Up Your Appearance

Second, take some time to consider updating your wardrobe. No matter if you have been out of the workforce or at the same job for a number of years it is always a good idea to shop a few business attire stores –Ann Taylor, Limited, Express, Men’s Warehouse, etc to get caught up on the latest fashions and have a fresh to look for an interview and to start the new job you find. (We previously wrote about how to look your best at an interview here).

Update Your Resume

Third, be sure and reach out for assistance in creating or updating your resume as well as online portfolio. Today’s world is driven heavily by technology, so get up to speed with where recruiters are looking to see who you are and what you do. Like the digital world, paper resumes are just as essential for getting that next great job, but be sure yours is up to date and not stuck back in the 1990s old Microsoft word fonts or formats that are confusing to each reader.

Beginning a new job in your later adult life can be exciting and lead to the development of new skills and passions. Don’t become too discouraged if you do not receive an offer from the first interview! Stick with it and keep a positive attitude in your applications and interview processes. 

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What do you have to lose? Top talent is just a click away.

What do you have to lose?
Top talent is just a click away.