3 things to consider before pushing work and in office hours during December

  By Melanie Korn

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The holiday cheer is here and it’s officially the busiest time of year.  Whether working retail, teaching 5th graders, serving tables or VP of a corporate company the year is coming to a close and deadlines pile up along with goals and quotas to be met.  The stress of the holiday season is often overwhelming for most employees – how to get all personal shopping, decorating, parties and travel in along with working a job that has strict office hours can be a daunting experience for most. 

Did you know on average employees who work 40 hours a week waste almost a quarter of those hours during the work week while being compensated? Tack on the holiday seasons and that number increases – less productivity than an already low standard.   

The rate of accomplishment is low for employees in all industries during the December month and there’s not much as an employer you can do to avoid it – it’s the culture of the world we live in.  Offering a bonus structure or other incentives may drive more work productivity, but the minds of employees are often on gingerbread houses and shopping list. 

Heres to avoiding the burnout 

It’s no secret that come January employees freshen up those resumes and begin applying for job openings even if it’s on a whim.Employees face burnout after the end of one year with a rush into the next and cramming holidays in between.Burnout leads to job search.Employees who face burnout are simply on a mission to find a job that is higher paying and less responsibilities.The New Year comes and a new change is desired. 

Employees know the expectations of what must get done – perhaps come holidays, settle the strict office hours down and let employees manage their own timetables.  Work to prevent burnout and create a culture that is flexible and understanding during the busiest time of year.  As long as the work is completed up to standards- what’s the risk? 

When employees feel they have more freedom, the happiness overflows and burnout is avoided.  What’s better than happy employees and work completed during the holidays?

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What do you have to lose?
Top talent is just a click away.