4 Types Of Workers and How They Can Help You To Hire Right On

  By Melanie Korn

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Perhaps hiring is much simpler than we give it credit. Inc. com published how there are only four jobs in the world – thinker, builder, improver, producer. Each of these four jobs all holding different responsibilities and traits which make an employer successful.

From start-up to rapid growth and fortune 500 companies – there is a cycle of life that happens within each business. At times it’s about growing, others about sustaining. Whatever the focus is, businesses hire employees to do just that, the needed part of the life cycle.

Here’s the four Inc Magazine has outlined, they might just help direct you to better decide what type of hire is next for you.

  1. Thinkers

These people are the idea generators, strategists, and creative types. They’re at the front-end of the growth curve, and their work covers new products, new business ideas, and different ways of doing everyday things. Sometimes they get in the way once the company or projects begin to grow.

  1. Builders

These people take ideas from the Thinker and convert them into reality. Entrepreneurs, inventors, and turn-around executives are typically Builders. They thrive in rapidly changing situations, they make decisions with incomplete information, and they can create some level of order out of chaos. They often feel strangled in bigger organizations.

  1. Improvers

These are the people who take an existing project, process or team, organize it and make it better. In a fast-growing company, they are charged with putting the wings on an airplane in flight. In a mature company, they’re the ones who implement change despite heavy resistance. They are typically under-appreciated, yet have an enormous impact on a company’s long-term success.

  1. Producers

These are the people who execute a repeatable process, ensuring quality and delivery. They touch the customer every day in some way, whether it’s designing a great product or manning the help desk. Producers build their careers by consistently taking on bigger and more challenging assignments.

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What do you have to lose? Top talent is just a click away.

What do you have to lose?
Top talent is just a click away.