5 Ways to Generate Office Cheer

  By Melanie Korn

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It’s no denial many Americas hate their job... Are you one of them!? When surveyed over 50% say their current job is boring and they are unhappy with their coworkers and workplace environment.


How can that distaste for the workplace be changed and a little office cheer bought into your workspace? Try these 5 ideas.


1. Celebrate Birthdays: No matter how young or old each employee is turning that year, take an hour out of your typical workday to celebrate each birthday. Create space for laughter and fun by singing and downing some sweet treats! 


2. Begin each team meeting with a simple “in touch”: Quickly go around the table and share a little info on life, funny story, weekend parties, travel, etc and get to know a little about one another outside of the matters of office work.


3. Give awards: Employees work hard to accomplish goals, recognize those with awards and public notification of success. It's human nature to desire to work harder once recognized for a great accomplishment.   Be an encourager by awarding those who have met sales quota for the quarter.


4. Get out of the Office: Every once in a while, take the team out. Have a meeting at a local coffeehouse or surprise your team with an outing that is simply for fun, and no work involved. Getting to know your employees outside of the office typically leads to stronger relationships and greater teamwork in the office.


5. Have scheduled gripe sessions: Sounds silly, but carve out some time to sit as an office and process through any frustrations that happen within the workplace. Ask questions like What things are we doing well? What makes you not want to come work here each day and how can we improve?


Asking for feedback and suggestions of how to improve the office atmosphere will lead to letting others feel like they are heard and their happiness matters.  Think your office could benefit from one of these ideas? We'd love to hear about it! 

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What do you have to lose?
Top talent is just a click away.