Do You Have Any Questions For Us: Nailing the Final Interview Question

  By Henry Glickel

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You’ve nailed your interview.  You are feeling confident.  One more question stands between you and a potential job offer.  “Do you have any questions for us?”  The question settles and you think, what do I ask?!?  

This time is so important; what you ask communicates your priorities and values.  You know these final moments can make or break your interview.  You know to avoid general questions about insurance, salary, or the company.  But, what questions can you ask to gather information while demonstrating something important about who you are as a candidate?  

We’ve gathered 10 potential questions to ask at the end of an interview.  Take a moment to select 4-5 questions that will really demonstrate what you value while gathering information about the employer.  Remember, you always want to have more questions prepared than you plan to ask because some might be addressed earlier in the interview.  Nail this final question so you can showcase your strengths from beginning to end!


  1. Tell me about some long-term working goals for this department?


  1. What does teaching or research collaboration look like in the department?”


  1. I’m curious to know what work toward diversity and inclusion looks like on campus.


  1. What steps do you normally take to get a new employee settled in a job?


  1. How would you describe the company’s culture?


  1. What are the challenges of this position?


  1. Is this a new position?  If not, why did the person before me leave this role.  Are others in your company leaving? 


  1. As a manager, what methods do you use to keep informed of your employee’s activities? How would you use this information in charting your department’s direction?


  1. I read on the company's website about Z, which connects with my research. Could you tell me about experiences you’ve had with this initiative and how the department is connected to it?


  1. Is there anything happening or trending right now in the industry/field that we haven’t talked about that will affect this role/the organization in the coming year?

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What do you have to lose?
Top talent is just a click away.