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Whether a teacher, business owner, mother or doctor, in the end, we’re all selling something. Daily, no matter the industry you work in, you pitch ideas to audiences big and small. Pitching what’s loved and picked up by others for themselves is a life skill that takes time to master.

So how can you dominate a sales pitch? Here’s a few of our best pro tips:

Build the suspense.

How do you actually build suspense into a pitch? Oren Klaff, author of Pitch Anything and director of capital markets at Intersection Capital, recommends setting up a story, but building tension through the ending. “You put a man in a jungle, you have beasts attack him, and you bring him to the edge of the jungle, but you don’t get him all the way out,” Klaff says. “That’s how you get suspense.”

Add a time cap to your presentation.

Walk in and state that you’ve got 20 minutes to prove why this is the best product and how it will drastically change ones life. Limit the amount of time you spend pitching. Get to the points quick using examples and move on.

Avoid the quotes from people nobody knows.

It may seem catching to you pitching to quote famous people- but in reality, no one likely knows who they are and just want to hear about your service or product you’re there to sell.

Cut the boring out.

Be who you are – what makes you unique and fun? Insert that emotion into your sales pitch presentation. Adding your own emotions and personal touches into your pitch lead people with a lasting impression.

Be Bold, tell your story.

Don’t “beat around the bush” with what you have to offer. If you’re selling it, you have to be confident in the product or service yourself. Be dynamic in how and why it’s changed you and tell you story of what go you here pitching this today.

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What do you have to lose?
Top talent is just a click away.