How to Make the Most of a Temporary Job

  By Melanie Korn

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Temporary jobs are no longer just retail during the Holiday season.  Many individuals are finding temp employment as a continual way of life due to unemployment and the inability to find full-time employment with one employer.

The need for stable and continuous employment for the people of New Hampshire is unending.  Many are turning to temp-hire jobs as a way of sustainable life.  In comparison to the national rates of unemployment New Hampshire’s unemployment rate in December 2012 is 2.1% lower than the national average.

As Barclay Personnel, we have compiled a few things to remember and consider when beginning a temp-hire position with any company:


Begin the position with an open mind- this might not be your dream job, what you went to school, studied or invested thousands of dollars to do.  According to a survey conducted by ManpowerGroup and released by Forbes in 2012, only 19% said they were satisfied with their jobs.  But, this temp-hire, apart from your likings in the beginning, could lead you to a new passion and enjoyable work that you never knew you would excel in. 


Don’t do partial work because this is a temporary position- Give your best each and every day.  Many employers are using ‘temp to hire’ as a method for future hires-your efforts which are displayed during your temp contract could lead to additional work.   Be diligent to network and build relationships with other employees during your temp position.  Go the extra mile in each task you complete, that extra mile is never crowded and will make you stand out as an excellent team member who is committed and able. 


Build your skills- Simply put- be open to learning and add to what you already know and have mastered.  A larger skill set makes you a more viable candidate for future positions. 


Just remember, attitude is everything!  Employers are watching you even in a temp position that might be mundane or uneventful.  One employer’s temp position might just be the road to your next dream job!

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What do you have to lose? Top talent is just a click away.

What do you have to lose?
Top talent is just a click away.