Interviewing for a Management Position

  By Henry Glickel

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You are ready to move forward in your career.  The trajectory of your five year plan sends you upward.  And you are ready to step into a management position.  As you begin updating your resume and searching for open positions don’t overlook preparations for the interviews.  How well you are prepared is vital in showcasing what you have to offer.  Check out these 10 questions to get you started.  Be honest about who you are and why you desire this promotion.  Remember not to sell yourself short.  You are capable, you just need to sell it!


  1. How comfortable are you expressing your viewpoint during meetings? Please give me a recent version of when you did so.


  1. How do/would you handle underachievers?


  1. In your industry, what are signs of good quality in a product or service? How do you as a manager develop a commitment to quality among employees?


  1. Managers and companies typically have performance expectations of employees. In your opinion, what do employees have the right to expect of their immediate managers?


  1. Many people say the ability to make well thought-out decisions is necessary for managerial success. Would you agree? If yes, What does a decision making process like this look like?


  1. Tell me about an aspect of your job that you feel intense about. Now, tell me about something you’ve learned about this area that other people might overlook.


  1. What is the most important contribution a manager can make in developing a shared sense of purpose among employees?


  1. What three words would your last manager use to describe you?


  1. What does management mean to you?


  1. Sometimes, in order to resolve problems for clients, decisions need to be made in the field without extensive consultation with supervisors. How do you feel about this? Have you ever been in such a situation and what did you do?

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What do you have to lose? Top talent is just a click away.

What do you have to lose?
Top talent is just a click away.