Reveal Your Time Management Secrets

  By Henry Glickel

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As highly analytical beings, salespeople are high performing problem solvers.  And time management is a prerequisite for their success.  From CEO’s down to entry level positions, effective time management strategies are a must in sales.  How you discipline yourself and focus is as individualized as your sales technique.  Those who stand atop the leaderboard set themselves apart by the approach they use to manage their time effectively.  In an interview, time management questions are popular because they reveal a lot about how you achieve success.  Consider asking several of these questions in your next round of interviews.  And if you are preparing for your next interview, take a look at these 10 questions and think about how you would answer given your time management strategies.


1. An important deadline is approaching which you promised your manager you would meet. Meeting the deadline begins to look unrealistic, even if you put some things on the back burner. What would you do?

2. Describe a time when you failed to meet a deadline or important goal and what did you do?

3.Do you ever take work home with you? If yes, Does that ever encroach on your family or personal time? If yes, how do you reconcile the demands of your personal life with those of your professional career?

4. How do you make sure that the people and supplies you are responsible for are used effectively and that waste is held to a minimum?

5. Tell me about a meeting you’ve attended that was unproductive and why it was. What was your role?

6.Some people plan ahead of time while other people like spontaneity. Which best describes you and why?

7. Sometimes a project takes twice as long as expected. In your experiences, what usually causes the delay?

8.Tell me about a time when your flexibility was challenged. How did you handle the situation? What did you learn about yourself?

9. You are faced with a very busy day involving deliveries and client meetings. You might not be able to get everything done. How do you approach such a day?

10. Your boss has asked you to get a recommendation to him in a timeframe you feel is unreasonable. Your boss passes you in the hall and reminds you that he needs the proposal by next week. What would you do?

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What do you have to lose?
Top talent is just a click away.