When Hiring Goes Wrong: The Full Guide to Redeem Yourself

  By Melanie Korn  |    Posted on July 19, 2018 at 01:57:16 AM

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Had a big whoops lately on the hiring front? We all have, and it’s a mistake you can recover from with a little education and help to launch out into the future better.

The problem with hiring might not always be on the candidates, but in fact you, as the employer. In today’s job market you might think hiring would be easy, but again and again, it proves as one of the most difficult tasks to hire right. It can downright be hard to find good working, honest people for hire.

But if you keep hiring dud after dud or have yet to be satisfied with your latest hires, it might not just be the applicant pool.  Hiring is an overall approach, from start to end an ideal candidate is dreamed of, planned for and found.   We’ve identified a few hot reasons candidates may not be your dream hire and how we’ve seen these struggles addressed.

Are you looking to hire the wrong type of candidate?

Are you trying to hire your twin? With no hiring strategy, you may interview and hire the person wearing clothes that look like you or whose personality you most enjoy. Did you “hit it off” during the interview chatting about local coffee shops or on industry projects that were exciting and drove to results?

Hire the candidates that won’t be your new best friend. We work closely with each candidate to determine everything from their personality to work skills- there can be a happy medium and a great hire found when your emotions are not tangled up and the one recruiting candidates.

Have you published an inaccurate job description?

What’s the job description? Are you looking to hire a superman that is unrealistic? Outline the responsibilities and expectations for your next hire and let’s go through them together to ensure they are realistic – this way you won’t be disappointed a few months into their work.

Next, outline the skillset this candidate will need to possess. You might just realize that there are more qualified candidates out there than you think!

Are you just plain nervous to hire again?

Got cold feet? You are not alone!  Too often we see companies scared of making bigger hiring mistakes than what’s been in the past. Sure, it’s understandable, but that was the past. Fear is crippling and it is plain and simple leading you to overthink your hires.


We like to make hiring easy for you – we find out what you need and want – then, we recruit and present to you the best options. We’re here to take away the chaos of hiring.

So what’s it got to be? Have your biggest hiring whoops be from one of these most common hiring mistakes? Let us know – we’ll help you hire the right candidates for your next opening avoiding these downfalls. 

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What do you have to lose? Top talent is just a click away.

What do you have to lose?
Top talent is just a click away.