11 Books to Read While Social Distancing During COVID-19

  By Melanie Korn  |    Mon Mar 23, 2020

Category: Articles

Strategy and Structure Alfred Chandler Chandler shows how the seventy largest corporations in America have dealth with a single economic problem: the effective administration of an expanding business. The author summarizes the history of the expansion of the nation's largest industries during the previous hundred years and...

20 Things 20-Year-Olds Searching For A Job Need To Know

  By Melanie Korn  |    Mon Mar 09, 2020

Category: Articles

So you're post-college and you're searching for a role that excites you and pays well? You're not alone. Job seeking in your twenties can be both daunting and thrilling. As college has come and gone, you've grown up so much... but there are still many more life lessons coming...

5 Ways To Be Happier At Work

  By Melanie Korn  |    Sun Feb 23, 2020

Category: Articles

There are countless benefits to finding a job that makes you happy, not the least of which is not having to suffer from the Sunday night blues, the Monday morning misery, the Tuesday terrors or…well you get our point. Furthermore, being happy at work is critical to your success. A recent

Tough Interview Questions? Fear No More

  By Melanie Korn  |    Sun Feb 09, 2020

Category: Articles

Getting to truly know a candidate during an interview can be a daunting process. Hiring as a whole can set a business back or move it forward just by making the best hires. People are your most valuable asset, and working to find, hire and retain the best people to...

How to Make the Most of a Temporary Job

  By Melanie Korn  |    Tue Jan 21, 2020

Category: Articles

Temporary jobs are no longer just retail during the Holiday season. Many individuals are finding temp employment as a continual way of life due to unemployment and the inability to find full-time employment with one employer. The need for stable and continuous employment for the...

7 Resolutions That Will Jumpstart a New Career in 2020

  By Melanie Korn  |    Sun Jan 12, 2020

Category: Articles

It’s the New Year and many have spent time reflecting on the past 12 months and looking ahead at what’s to come. It’s the time of year employees begin crunching numbers for their 2020 budgets and dream of more. It’s the time that employees start combing through job...

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