FACT: Hiring is Hard

  By Melanie Korn  |    Mon Sep 17, 2018

Category: Articles

In today’s world the job market is up and down with a variety of reasons for the what can sometimes be seen as a rollercoaster. It seems there are constantly new businesses starting and the need for qualified, hardworking salespeople would be at...

When Hiring Goes Wrong: The Full Guide to Redeem Yourself

  By Melanie Korn  |    Thu Apr 19, 2018

Category: Articles

Had a big whoops lately on the hiring front? We all have, and it’s a mistake you can recover from with a little education and help to launch out into the future better. The problem with hiring might not always be on the candidates,...

The Rise of Social Recruiting

  By Melanie Korn  |    Fri Apr 13, 2018

Category: Articles

Our world is continually changing, for example- Miley Cirus is no longer the innocent Hannah Montana, ios updated on everyone’s iPhones, again, and at times our government is shut down… CHA-CHA-CHANGES! Like the rest of the world, recruiting is changing on a daily basis too.

5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile When Looking for a Job

  By Melanie Korn  |    Mon Nov 13, 2017

Category: Articles

With so many social media accounts at our fingertips, LinkedIn often gets put on the backburner. How many of us routinely login to to post updates let alone ensure that our LinkedIn profiles feature our newest skills and accomplishments? It’s easy to get complacent, but LinkedIn...

Interview: Problem Solving Questions

  By Melanie Korn  |    Sat Jul 15, 2017

Category: Articles

While many interviewers tend to assess a candidate on a more emotional level in the first few minutes of meeting you want to go beyond your “gut instinct” and have a more quantifiable means of evaluating each candidate. Take the time to organize and be prepared with...

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What do you have to lose?
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